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Texas Mission Board
Free Will Baptist Missionary Monthly Report

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Approximate number of contacts by Mission Pastor (including personal, telephone, email, and personal mail)
Approximate number of contacts by Mission Church (including personal, telephone, email, and mass mailing)
List and describe your outreaches this month:

Just the Facts:

Number of first time guests in services/studies:
Average Attendance of Sunday School:
Average Attendance of Sunday Morning Worship:
Average Attendance of Sunday Night Service:
Average Attendance of Wednesday Night Service:
Number of studies and average attendance of each study:
Approximate number of individuals involved in ministry this month:


How many coaching appointments have you had this month?
Who is Coaching You?
Any concerns?

Financial Report:

Balances of all funds on hand (land, building, etc.)
Beginning Balance:
Month's Income:
Month's Expenses:
Amount given to all Outside Causes/Missions (excluding your own) this month:
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Amount given toward your salary this month:
Ending Balance:

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How are you and your family>? (Please give the joys as well as the struggles so that we may be better able to pray and minister to you and with you.)

Describe current discipleship plans:

What plans do you have in the next:
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        6 months
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What problems are you having?

What decision do you need from the Texas Mission Board to help you keep moving toward your goals?

How can we best pray for your ministry?

What progress, goals, and projects have you accomplished this month?

Any additional comments that you need to share: